Veteran's Delegations to Cuba

The 2003 Trip is to Beautiful CIENFUEGOS!!!

This page is devoted to the ongoing project of encouraging U.S. Veterans to travel to Cuba.
The purpose behind these trips is to:
Establish contact between U.S. and Cuban veterans.
Resist and help bring an end to the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba.
Deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Cuba.
Learn about Cuban society and to communicate what is learned to the American people.
The idea for these trips was formed in October of 1994 while I was on a Travel Challenge to Cuba. During this trip I realized that it would be good to bring U.S. and Cuban veterans together as we share many common experiences due to our military service. Accordingly, with a whole lot of help from the Freedom to Travel organization I was able to travel with 14 other veterans to Cuba in November of 1995 for the very first U.S. Veteran's Travel Challenge.
As this page develops I will be adding trip reports of the first two trips to Cuba(1995 and 1996), for now I would like to point out that this is a continuing project and we will be visiting different provinces each year.
The years/locations through 2003 are:

1997 Santiago de Cuba
1998 Santa Clara
1999 Havana (Punta Brava)
2000 Havana International Solidarity Conferenece
2001 Trinidad
2002 Havana
2003 Cienfuegos

You can write for more information to :

Jim Long
203 Paris Street
San Francisco, CA 94112-2022


Phone (415) 841-9635

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I have been unemployed for a little over 2 years now. please review my resume and contact me with any job leads you might have in the San Francisco Bay Area including Silicon Valley.
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