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QA Test Engineer
A professional with proven ability in solving complex technical problems and in maintaining excellent customer relationships with extensive, progressively responsible experience in: Troubleshooting Network Problem Isolation; Client Management; Vendor Relations; Problem Resolution; Partnership Relations; System Test; Teambuilding; Decision Making.

Technical Qualifications
SAGE 930 Analyzer; Abacus Bulk Call Generator; Ameritec Call Generator; Data General Sniffer; Echo Cancellation; In-depth T-1 and Some E-1; Voice Signaling; EIA Data support; Voice Compression; Quality Logic Fax simulator/analyzer; SEIBEL tracking Software; Voice Over DSL; Standard Test Equipment; Unix System Administration on Solaris 7.0 & 8.0; C Programming; C++ programming.

Technical Training and Courses
Unix System Administration, C programming and Introduction to OOP & C++ Certificate SFSU- CEL May, 2002 - July, 2002
A 320 hours fulltime certificate program in Unix System Administration (Solaris 7 & 8) and C programming with an introduction to Object Oriented Programming and C++. An intensive hands on training with a focus on Solaris 7 & 8 System Administration (160 Hours), which was inclusive of backups, installation, Adding and Deletion of users, using DNS, NFS, TCP/IP, FTP, Vi, Shell scripting (Korn): C Programming (120 Hours) Created an application using the "C" language and developing skills in using data structures, "MAKE" and "MAKE FILE", arrays, and pointers. Tested and debugged the application for functionality. Recreated the application using Object Oriented Programming and C++ programming languages. (40 hours). Service Monkey ( Project Planning * Cisco Router Configuration * ISDN * ATM Basics * SONET * Spanish (speak / write)

Professional History

System Test Engineer Contract NETOPIA Alameda 10/2001 - 2/15/2002
Responsible for expanding and conducting Voice Quality testing. Training other Test Engineers on the use of the Sage 935 voice analyzers.
Senior Product Quality Assurance Test Engineer COPPERCOM Santa Clara 2000 - 2001 Responsible for designing tests to insure product compliance with TR 57 and the VF portion of GR 303
Accomplishments: Designed tests that allowed Engineering to determine and fix the root cause for impulse noise problems. Specified test equipment that improved the diagnostics capability of the PQA Department. Designed tests and specified test equipment that isolated root causes of fax and modem performance problems. Reviewed and modified the Partner Test Plan for IADs. Worked with TAC to quickly resolve client issues.

N. E. T. Fremont 1993 -2000
Promoted to Product Support Staff Engineer in (1997 - 2000) from TAC Staff Engineer (1993 - 1997). Product Support Staff Engineer Accomplishments : Raised the proficiency of TAC in resolving voice product problems. Improved the serviceability of the voice products by expanding the capability of the built n diagnostics. Expanded the focus of fellow Staff Engineers beyond their immediate product knowledge. Identified new test equipment to isolate and reproduce client problems in a lab environment to assist Engineering in resolutions. TAC Staff Engineer Responsible for the support of the T-1 channel bank and the statistical multiplexer product lines. Accomplishments: Improved the sales of the channel bank product line by working with Sales and the client account teams. Developed a training program for the TAC Engineers. Revised the technical manual for the channel bank to correct more than two hundred technical errors.

COASTCOM - Alameda, CA 1982 - 1993
Escalating positions of responsibilities from Electronics Technician (1982 - 1984); Quality Engineer (1984 - 1990); Quality Manager/ Field Support Manager (1990 - 1993) to Technical Training Instructor (1993) Technical Training Instructor Trained internal and external clients on the theory, operation, installation, and maintenance of Coastcom's channel banks. Technical Training Instructor Accomplishments: Team member on the technical manual redesign project. Raised the technical level of the Test Technicians, which increased productivity and employee retention. Increased the ability of the distributors to properly specify and support the channel banks. Developed new service offerings that distributors sold to their clients. Field Support Manager Responsible for the National Technical Support organization. Accomplishments: Reorganized the customer support organization. Established a stable customer base for each Field Support Engineer. Reduced customer complaints. Improved communications with the sales force. Established a problem tracking system for critical accounts. Provided feedback to Engineering on product defects. Worked with Sales to establish an effective Distribution and VAR system. Quality Manager Accomplishments: Established audit procedures to track vendor quality. Improved acceptance rate of AT&T source inspection from 0% to 100% Raised morale of the employees through education and recognition. Quality Engineer Established formal procedures for Vendors, Receiving Inspection, Manufacturing, and Test. Qualified vendors. Analyzed product failures. Ensured compliance to customer. Wrote procedures for Manufacturing and Test. Lead the creation of a Test Engineering Group. Quality Technician Conducted customer source inspections. Verified test procedures. Ensured compliance with various customer contracts. Electronics Technician Aligned and performed final testing on telecommunications systems and component parts. Developed test procedures.


Completed General Education and Basic Engineering courses,
Contra Costa College San Pablo CA
Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill CA

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